All of this pales in comparison with the grief caused by the hopeless cries of men, women and children, ruined by this horrible event.’

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Between 1730 and 1736, Lanzarote was ripped apart by a series of volcanic eruptions that would leave the island geographically scarred. A period of great hardship for the islanders, a time of torment for those that lived it.

Accompanying his images with historical accounts, Joseph retells the story of that time in two series. The images themselves were made on location, with the elements themselves; the rock, ore, and genius loci (spirit of place) Joseph sensed.



Quoted historical extracts are taken from two sources:

A document from the Town Hall in Lanzarote addressed to the President and Judges of the Royal Representatives, dated October 17th, 1730.

A 19th century book by the German geologist Leopold Buch, who summarised the now lost diarised original eye witness account of the parish priest of Yaiza, Father Andres-Lorenzo Curbelo from 1731 – German language translation by Joseph Wright